Friday, September 25, 2009

Lemon Cream Pasta with Chicken

Yet another success from Here's the recipe.

I had some leftover heavy cream, bowtie pasta, a lemon and some thawed chicken breasts. Type all those ingredients in and this is what allrecipes gave me.

Here are the seasoned chicken breasts before going in the oven. I only had one lemon so I saved it for the sauce and used lime juice on the chicken for baking.

Here' s the finished product. It is a very bland colored meal, but oh so tasty and unhealthy.

Notes: This is a great basic recipe, you could use any kind of pasta and add chicken, shrimp, scallops or veggies. It is creamy and rich and begs for a green salad or a side of green vegetables. Rich LOVED this one (naturally, the meat and pasta only/veggie-free dish he raves about ;))

You could probably modify the sauce with low-fat milk, or half and half instead of all heavy cream but I didn't. Yum, you need to try this!

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  1. I'm sure Justin would vote a-okay on this one too!

    Hmm, maybe I can throw in some zucchini or brocoli =).