Friday, September 4, 2009


Meal #1 of the challenge (yeah, should have officially started 9/1 but we haven't eaten out yet this month so we're good to start now).

Nothing fancy, farfalle pasta with jarred tomato-basil marinara sauce with added ground turkey. Side dish: broccoli and zucchini steamed in a Zip n' Steam bag...I absolutely love these!
All in all, it was pretty good. The broccoli was a little tough, and the pasta sauce was a little chunky for Rich's taste. He prefers it smooth and likes it when I put it in the blender, but I'm working on him to develop more "grown-up" tastes and he's getting much better! We also had an incredible wine that we bought in California last summer: a 2000 Dry Creek Valley cabernet sauvignon from Raymond Burr Vinyards...seriously maybe the best wine I've ever had!

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